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Chief Inspector visits best practice carer’s centre, NEWCIS

'Support for carers is vital' says Imelda Richardson, Chief Inspector.

NEWCIS Flintshire is a carer’s centre who were identified as a centre of good practice by the regulator.

The Chief Inspector said:

The NEWCIS carer’s centre is highly valued by the carers we spoke to, who benefit from the emotional and practical help they receive. They have a long-term group which continues to provide support after the person they are caring for has died and also have a group to support male carers.

Carers told us about a number of different ways they had been supported including receiving a carer’s grant for a holiday, access to day opportunities and workshops and flexible respite care and sitting services - it is exactly this kind of support carers need.

Claire Sullivan the Manager of NEWCIS said:

Staff and carers found the visit very interesting and informative. We all appreciated Imelda taking the time to talk to local carers and for opening future lines of communication for carers to CSSIW services.

NEWCIS Flintshire was identified as a centre of good practice as part of the National Review of Commissioning in April which also identified local authorities and health boards needed to do more and at quicker pace. The Chief Inspector of CSSIW is now embarking on a number of engagement events across Wales to visit users of care services.

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