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CSSIW National Advisory Board meets the Deputy Minister for Social Services

Meeting for the second time this year the National Advisory Board discussed key issues including two important pilots: Independent Visitors and the Quality Judgement Framework.

As well as discussing current issues facing care and social services in Wales the National Advisory Board – made up of 50% of citizens, had a chance to meet the Deputy Minister for Social Services, Gwenda Thomas, and hear her talk about areas close to her heart:

Making sure that people get the care and support they need to lead fulfilled lives, that they have a stronger voice and greater control over their lives is close to my heart.

She said:

The establishment of the National Advisory Board is pivotal if we are to provide a ‘voice’ for the views of families and relatives, carers, and service users but also the views of all stakeholders involved in care and social services.

The board meet on a quarterly basis and will meet again in July. Details of the meetings, including agendas and summary of minutes are published on our National Advisory Board web page.

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