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Changes to the way you notify us about serious injuries, incidents, illness and deaths

If you provide social care services, you must notify us of certain events and incidents by law.

What you have to do

Once you have downloaded and completed your notification form from our website please send your form by email to the following email addresses:

When you send us your completed form you will be sent an automatic email confirming that we have received it. It is your responsibility to ensure that we safely receive your form.

If you are unable to send us an email

We would like you to send your completed form by email. If you are unable to do so we can accept it by fax. Please send your forms to the fax numbers below:

  • North Region (Llandudno Junction): 0872 437 7301
  • South East Region (Merthyr Tydfil): 0872 437 7302
  • South West Region (Carmarthen): 0872 437 7303


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