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Project update from workshop at National Social Services Conference

On 26 June David Francis (Assistant Chief Inspector, Operations) and Kevin Barker (Head of Local Authority Performance) held a workshop at the National Social Services Conference.

Kevin described the initial ideas for a new framework for local authority inspection and review. He stressed the desire to retain the best of our current approach while making changes to ensure that the inspectorate can convey a clear message about the outcomes for people from the care and support they receive. The aim is to deliver a systematic approach which ensures that all authorities are inspected over a period of time and that our reports give clear findings, in plain language, for the citizens of Wales.

David discussed the development of the quality judgement framework for the inspection of regulated services. The use of the framework challenges the inspectorate to be clear about the evidence to support its assessment and challenges the sector to recognise and respond to shortfalls in quality and safety.

Participants discussed the way in which outcomes for people could be placed at the centre of our inspections and reviews of local authority social services and considered the learning from the use of the quality judgement framework in regulated services. Participants recognised the need to make improvements, but emphasised the need to maintain the focus on the sector’s responsibility for the quality of the care and support provided along with a continuing commitment to the importance of self assessment.

How we will use the feedback

The feedback received at the workshop will help to inform future developments.

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