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Chief Inspector visits Crossroads Care to celebrate Carers Rights Day

Chief Inspector, Imelda Richardson met staff at Crossroads Care earlier this week ahead of Carers Rights Day (Friday).

Crossroads, a registered charity, has been supporting people who provide care, particularly for those with dementia, in the Vale area since 1987.

They organise social and support groups for carers, as well as domiciliary care and day centre activities for the relatives of carers.

Chief Inspector, Imelda Richardson said:

I’d like to thank everyone at Crossroads Care for their valuable contribution and for such an enjoyable visit. Services such as this one offer respite and support for carers as well as enjoyable, safe activities for their relative.

Along with Simon Hatch, director of the Carers Trust and member of our National Advisory Board, we discussed what we do and how we do it as well as how to raise a concern.

Carers are the backbone of the caring industry and often deal with complex and important clinical care without being asked, as well as legal issues such as power of attorney.

It is so important for health and social care professionals to take into account the expertise carers have about their relatives and those they care for.

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