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Recruitment and retention of adult care home managers - study

The study was commissioned jointly by the Care Council for Wales and ourselves.

Commissioned in response to anecdotal concerns about difficulties in recruitment, the study looked at what influences the recruitment and retention of managers of care homes for older adults, with and without nursing provision, across all sectors.

What did the study find out?

Key influencing factors included:

  • The size of care homes and the complexity of residents’ needs
  • The lack of a common set of data for the social care workforce
  • Significant differences between the roles and responsibilities of adult care home managers, as well as their pay and other terms and conditions
  • Negative publicity for care homes.

What happens now?

The main findings will now be used by the Care Council to inform its work to create a framework to support the development of social care managers in Wales.

It has also been sent to the Care Home Task Group, set up by the Minister for Health and Social Services, so as to inform its work programme.

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