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Update to Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) guidance

We’ve made changes to our guidance for people who are applying to register with us or who already hold a DBS certificate.

What are the changes?

  • A 'POVA First' check is now known as a 'DBS Adult First' check
  • For people who work in adult services (but not domiciliary care agencies) our guidance has been updated to clarify why and when an employee may start work using a 'DBS Adult First' check - and how this should be managed
  • People who work with children must renew their DBS certificate at least every three years. For people working in adult services the updated guidance makes clear that their employers are required to ensure the ongoing fitness of all their employees - this includes regularly checking that there are no changes to DBS certificates
  • The updated guidance clarifies that a responsible individual operating under the Care Standards Act 2000 needs to undertake a DBS application with us at the point of initial application; but not where subsequent responsible individuals are appointed to work alongside the initial appointee. It also makes clear that an existing responsible individual cannot use their current DBS certificate to support an initial application with another organisation or company

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