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Our response to BBC Wales Week in Week Out’s look at domiciliary care

Assistant Chief Inspector David Francis appeared on the programme.

The vast majority of people in Wales receive good care and value the level of care they receive. CSSIW has a key role as a regulator registering and inspecting care services, investigating any concerns we may receive and helping providers to improve.

In the domiciliary care sector, we are aware of the scale of challenge in terms of the aging population, demographics and the complex level of care currently being demanded within local communities. 

This is why we are undertaking a National Review on Domiciliary Care to gather a wide range of evidence in relation to many of the current concerns such as call cramming, call clipping, 15 minute calls and the commissioning arrangements between local authorities and domiciliary care providers.

We want this evidence to help shape and inform current practice, drawing upon our existing work in Powys and in Cardiff local authorities and it is important to understand all the available evidence in order to best consider our response to these issues.

CSSIW is committed to ensure the delivery of safe, high quality care to people and to drive improvements within the care sector. We work consistently with local authorities, providers and workforce regulators to achieve this.

A CSSIW spokesperson said:

We were already undertaking inspections in response to some of the concerns raised in the BBC’s programme ‘Week in Week Out’ and are in touch with the programme makers over the remainder of the information they have collected.
We would like to reiterate that if members of the public have a concern about a service, that they should talk to the service in question first and contact us immediately if the matter is not resolved.

If you have a concern about a service:

  • Call us via the switchboard (connect to a regional office to raise a concern in your area) - 0300 7900 126
  • Raise a concern via our website
  • Watch our video to find out more about raising concerns

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