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Updates to our guidance and forms

We've updated some of our guidance and notification forms to make them clearer for anyone using or reading them.

Providers do not need to submit a separate 'hard copy' signature sheet for notifications submitted electronically.

In addition, the wording regarding staff misconduct now includes reference to the Care Council for Wales' Code of Conduct (External link) and a link has been included for information.

Our notification mailbox addresses have been included as a link for providers, and we've added some detail about how we manage information received by us.

The updated forms and guidance are:

  • Regulation 26 Domiciliary Care Agencies Guidance and Template
  • Regulation 28 Adult Placement Scheme notification guidance and template
  • Regulation 38 Adult Care Homes notification guidance and templates

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Notification forms

If you are registered with us you must notify us of any changes or incidents at your service

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