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Wales Audit Office study looks at how councils support the independence of older people

We supported the fieldwork for the study, which is published today.

Wales Audit Office staff, on behalf of the Auditor General for Wales, worked jointly with us and the office of the Older People’s Commissioner in Wales to examine whether councils are working effectively to support the independence of older people.

The study asked people to rate which services were most important in helping them to maintain their independence, via an online survey. It also included audit fieldwork at six councils in Wales.

The study also looked at the contribution of community-based and voluntary services in supporting people to live independently.

Commenting on the report, Chief Inspector Imelda Richardson said:

Last year, as one of the recommendations in our commissioning review, we described the need for local authorities to consider carefully the contribution of community-based services to the well-being of residents as part of their service planning.

This new report is another reminder to local authorities on how vital these services are in supporting older people to live independently.

Not only do they greatly improve the well-being of older people, but as local authorities have a big challenge ahead in terms of making savings in their budgets, these services can save money in the long term.

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