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Important change to Regulation 26 notification form for domiciliary care agencies

Domiciliary care providers must inform us each time a medication error occurs in their agency.

Medication errors occurring in domiciliary care agencies can have serious consequences for people who use these services.

An error might involve an agency worker:

  • failing to administer a prescribed medication
  • administering the wrong medication
  • administering the wrong dosage
  • failing to prompt a person to take their prescribed medicines where that has been agreed as part of the person’s service delivery plan.

As a provider of domiciliary care, you will know that medication errors are potential misconduct issues and that the reporting of these is required under Regulation 26 (2)(c) of the Domiciliary Care Agencies (Wales) Regulations 2004.

Currently these errors are not routinely reported by providers.

We have now amended the Regulation 26 notification form for providers and now require you to inform us each time a medication error occurs in your agency.

This will allow us to better monitor the frequency of errors and their impact upon people using your service.

The updated wording is as follows:

CSSIW must know when medication errors occur in domiciliary care services - particularly if medication is missed or the wrong medication is given. Whilst Regulation 26 does not directly reference medication errors, failure to administer medication should be considered as a potential ‘misconduct’ issue (ref Reg 26 (2)(c)) and we expect each single error to be reported to us.

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