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Updates to our registration application forms – financial information

We’ve updated all our application forms to make it easier for you to complete and submit your application to register with us.

Our application forms (except child minders and day care and play services) now includes details of the financial information required to support your application to register.

We have included two annexes to our application forms – the first lists the information that you need to include with your application.

The second is a bank reference form that you need to complete and send to your bank. It is important that you amend the form to include the name of your organisation where that applies, as well as the correct address for your regional office.

This will ensure that your bank returns the reference to the correct CSSIW office. All application forms on our website are available in Welsh or English.

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Notification forms

If you are registered with us you must notify us of any changes or incidents at your service

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