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How we inspect local authority social services

The way we inspect local authority social services is changing.

We already visit local authority social services departments to look at care for children and adults, and publish reports on what we’ve found and what we think should improve.

What’s changing

As a result of changes in legislation, there is a renewed emphasis on the role we play in checking the safety and quality of care and support.

We’ll inspect all Welsh local authority social services departments and we’ll promote the fact that we’re inspecting, in order to hear from people who live there and use those services.

We’ll use our website and social media channels to tell people where we’re going and how they can get in touch.

We want to hear from you

It’s really important for us to hear the views of people who use services or have contact with social services in the area we’re inspecting.

People can get in touch by filling in our online feedback form.

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