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Avian flu prevention zone in place in Wales

Domestic chickens, hens and ducks should be housed or separated from contact with wild birds.

The Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales confirmed Avian Influenza H5N8 in a backyard flock of chickens and ducks at a premises near Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire earlier this month. 

Avian influenza is a disease of birds. Humans can become infected but rarely are. 

A prevention zone, declared by the Welsh Ministers and covering the whole of Wales, will remain in place until 28 February. The zone means extra biosecurity measures for all poultry and captive birds to protect them from the risk from wild birds.

The zone requires the immediate and compulsory housing of domestic chickens, hens, turkeys and ducks, or where this is not practical, their complete separation from contact with wild birds. For other captive birds, keepers should take practical steps to keep these birds separate from wild birds.

This advice is relevant for any providers who may keep a flock of domestic chickens for example.

For more information visit the Welsh Government website. (External link)

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