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What good feedback looks like – what you told us

At our November events we asked providers to tell us about what works well when we give feedback at an inspection.

When we asked providers “What does good feedback look or sound like?” at our six events, they told us that they value open discussion with the inspector and don’t want any surprises in their inspection report.

What works

Providers told us that the following things mattered in their relationship with their inspector:

  • When the inspector sits down and talks to them – a two-way conversation
  • Be open-minded, proportionate, and constructive
  • Be open to consider alternative evidence and to revise judgement. 

Providers said that important things for inspectors to consider include:

  • Timing: allow plenty of time and avoid feeding back during busy time – can be hard to focus 
  • Give examples of triangulation of evidence to explain why they reached their judgement
  • Get feedback in same way as structured in report - findings / evidence / judgement
  • Give feedback throughout the inspection – involve more staff in feedback
  • Recognition of progress made so far and celebrate success, as well as flagging up areas of concern – share good practice.

After inspection

  • Open reporting process does work
  • Positive to see mention of CSSIW having an advisory role - can pick up the phone - open relationship
  • Continuity of inspectors is important
  • Ratings would help the public
  • Need more thought about how gain feedback from people who use the service.

The things that providers said don’t work is when the approaches identified above are not followed.

Read a detailed feedback summary on the event page.

Next steps

Providers’ comments are being shared with inspectors through regional and team meetings to improve our practice.

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