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Wrexham council children’s services to produce improvement plan following inspection

The children’s services department was inspected by us in January and February this year.

Wrexham County Borough Council is to produce an improvement plan for its children’s services in response to our inspection report, published by CSSIW today.

We found that the local authority has recently improved its information and advice service in response to the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014.

Early indications are that this should provide more consistent responses to enquiries from the public and other professionals.

There were a good range of local preventative services to avert later crises and need for longer-term care and support, as well as greater corporate awareness of the early signs of children at risk, although some safeguarding processes would benefit from more consistent management oversight.

We recommended that the local authority ensures it has a thorough understanding of local population needs, backed up by comprehensive data and more meaningful engagement.

There needs to be a more consistent understanding and measure of risk in assessments, with stronger management oversight, and greater consideration of advocacy support, the report said.

We recommended that Wrexham council should continue to prioritise the recruitment of more Welsh-speaking staff.

Next steps

The local authority is to produce an improvement plan for children’s services, which will be monitored as part of our programme of engagement with local authorities.

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