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Grenfell Tower – fire safety in your premises

We have written to adult care providers asking them to review their fire safety processes within their premises.

Our purpose as a regulator is to ensure people receive safe, effective, compassionate and high quality care.

With recent events in mind, we have written to all adult care providers to ask that they review their fire safety processes in their premises. Specifically, providers should pay attention to the size and fabric of their registered premises. Providers may have carried out such a review already, but if not, please do so.

Regular reviews are consistent with legal responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (‘The Order’). (External link) The Order requires the responsible person in a workplace to carry out a fire risk assessment. The assessment should pay special attention to those at higher risk due to issues, such as mobility impairment or learning disability.

The Order includes a range of absolute duties ranging from providing information and training to employees through to ensuring that premises and any equipment provided in connection with firefighting, fire detection and warning or emergency routes and exits are covered by a suitable system of maintenance by a competent person.

Further information and guidance about fire safety is available from the GOV.UK website. (External link)

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