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Annual report 2016-17 published

Our annual report outlines our work throughout the previous year.

The 2016-17 annual report shows we regulated 6,133 services providing 112,234 places, and carried out more than 2,700 inspections across adult and children’s services, and childcare and play. This included 27 inspections at weekends.

We changed the way we work with local authorities, introduced new inspection frameworks, changed how and when we carry out our inspections, and started our preparation for the implementation of the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016.

We dealt with 4,293 changes to services’ registrations and ways of working and received 33,488 notifications from services. We received 3,956 concerns about services across Wales, and identified 1,145 non-compliances. We worked with 195 services to improve.

The age range of children being cared for in registered services was extended from 8 years old up to 12 years, and we undertook two Self Assessment of Service Statement (SASS) data collection exercises, encouraging care providers to register for an online account with us.

We worked closely with the Food Standards Agency and Environmental Health and as a result agreed a protocol with the Food Standards Agency so any food hygiene concerns are promptly reported to us to inform our inspection planning.

Chief Inspector Gillian Baranski said:

This has been a transformative and challenging year for CSSIW.

This work was not achieved in isolation but is the result of the commitment of our staff, colleagues in Welsh Government and partner organisations, who are all committed to improving the quality and safety of services for the people of Wales.

Gillian Baranski also paid tribute to the former Chief Inspector Imelda Richardson who left the organisation in September 2016.

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