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Re-registration process for some services now open

During February providers of care homes, domiciliary care services, children’s homes and residential family centres will receive a letter from us.

If you are an individual or organisation that offers one of the below services, we will be writing to you in the next month. The letter will give you some further guidance on how to re-register with us, using CIW Online.(External link)

What’s changing?

From April 2018 as part of the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016 (External link) the law will change. This means that some care services will be required to re-register their service with us. These services will also be required to designate a Responsible Individuals.

Services who can re-register from February 2018

  • Care homes
  • Children’s homes including secure children’s homes
  • Domiciliary care agencies
  • Residential family centres

If you intend to continue providing your service after 2 April 2018, you will need to re-apply for registration under the 2016 Act.

If you do not receive your letter over the next couple of weeks, please do not worry. We will be writing to providers in a phased approach throughout February.

Further information

More information and guidance about re-registration is available here.

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