Our data

How you can get and reuse our data.

We want to be as transparent and open as possible with the information we collect, analyse and store.

Our directory allows you to download a CSV file of the services registered with us in Wales. We are developing partnerships with other websites. We want to encourage people to use our tools to build their own services-especially to help people find out about the care service options available to them.

How you can use our data

Our information is available under the Open Government Licence, which means you can:

  • copy, publish, distribute and transmit the information, as long as you do this in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and acknowledge the source.
  • adapt the information, as long as you do not misrepresent it or use it to mislead people.
  • use the information commercially, for example by combining it with other information, or by including it in your own product or application.

Before you use the information, you should read the full terms of the licence.

How our CSV file should be used

The information in the file is available under the Open Government licence. (External link)

The file can be collected by exporting the data using the ‘export results’ link on the Care Directory page of our website. The file contains:

Name (A): This is the name of the setting registered with us.

Section (B): This is the area that they the setting is registered under eg, Adult residential, Children’s service.

Category (C): This is the category that the setting has been registered under eg, Adult care home older adults, child minder, crèche.

Address (D): This is the address of the setting. We are unable to provide the full address of some settings to protect those who stay there. When this is the case this column will be left blank.

Town (E): This is the name of the town of the setting.

Region (F): This is the Care Inspectorate Wales region that the setting is in.

Authority (G): This is the name of the local authority the setting is in.

Telephone (H): This is the telephone number of the setting.

Last inspection date (I): Date of last inspection.

Unique ID (J): This is the unique id of the setting. When a setting is de-registered this will be removed from the site and will not be available on the file.

Longitude (K): This is the longitude of the location of the setting. For those settings which we cannot provide the full address this will be blank.

Latitude (L): This is the latitude of the location of the setting. For those settings which we cannot provide the full address this will be blank.

Crediting us

If you use our CSV file, please make clear the origin of the information on your website and where appropriate use our logo.

Contact us or send us feedback

If you have questions or feedback please let us know by email cssiwcomms@gov.wales.

Want more information about our data?

For further enquiries about our data, please contact our Information Management team by emailing CSSIW_information@gov.wales.

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