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  • 5 September 2018
  • News

Notifying us of incidents

Some services are sending notifications to us using more than one format, resulting in duplication.

If you are registered with us, you are required by law to notify us of specific events in relation to your service. 

Please check what incidents you need to notify us about, as some providers are sending us notifications that are not required by law.

Guidance is available on the ‘Notification forms’ page of our website.

Notifying us of changes to your service

Childcare and play

For those providing childcare and play services, notification forms are available on the ‘Notification forms’ page of our website.

You only need to send notifications of incidents or changes to us once. We are experiencing people sending notifications in more than one format, for example fax and email. This is not necessary and is causing duplication in our computer system. 

Our preference is for you to send notifications via email, and only use fax where email is not available. 

Adult and children’s services

For adult and children’s services operating under the Care Standards Act who are not yet re-registered under the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act (RISCA), notification forms are available on the ‘Notification forms’ page of our website.

For those services which are now registered under RISCA – such as care homes and domiciliary support services – you must send all notifications to us using our online service, CIW Online. (External link)

Take a look at our infographic to remind yourself of the process.

You will be able to make a notification online if your application to re-register has been accepted and fully approved by us.

You do not need to send your notification via email and/or fax.

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