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  • 10 October 2018
  • News

How we inspect services registered under the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016

We’re developing and piloting our new inspection framework.

To ensure our approach is fit-for-purpose, we will be testing the new framework through a small pilot this autumn.

Which services will be involved?

The pilot will only involve services that have been registered under the 2016 Act and only those who are scheduled for a full inspection during this period.

If your service is selected to be part of the pilot, your inspector will inform you of this. 

What will be different about these inspections?

The new inspection framework is aligned to the 2016 Act, the regulations under the Act, the associated statutory guidance and Welsh Government’s national outcomes framework.

This sets out for inspectors key lines of enquiry to focus an inspection and identifies sources of evidence for ‘what good looks like’.

Providers should not notice any difference in the inspection process; however, providers will notice a change to our inspection reports which are being adapted for the purposes of the pilot only. Inspectors will provide further information on what to expect to those providers involved in the pilot.

Further information about our inspections for services registered under the 2016 Act can be found in our Code of Practice.


If you have any questions, please email cssiw.riscact@gov.wales