Annual report 2012-2013

Key findings of our Chief Inspector’s annual report.

Our annual report outlines our work throughout the year as well as our progress in implementing our Participation plan.

Reference to ‘Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales’ (CSSIW) in the documents on this page should be read as ‘Care Inspectorate Wales'.

Key findings


We registered 470 new services, including 221 child minders.


We undertook 3,990 inspections and wrote a report on each service.


We took enforcement action against 43 services it classed as a service of concern.

Local authority reports

We published 12 local authority reports along with an annual performance report for each of Wales’ 22 local authorities.

National reviews

We undertook three national reviews including a review of looked after children and the role of the Director of Social Services.

Joint reviews

We undertook two joint reviews with other regulators and inspectorates, including a joint review with Estyn into safeguarding arrangements for children in Pembrokeshire.

Performance of local authority social services

  • Planning budget pressures were evident across all local authorities; while many were restructuring to achieve more efficient service delivery, the capacity to deliver change at pace was variable and presented a significant challenge to some authorities;
  • Partnership working was taking place at an operational level rather than strategic level and, as a result was not likely to produce the step changes needed for sustainability;
  • There has been an upward trend in the number of looked after children in recent years and this  continued in some authorities which already had a high number of children in care;
  • There were a high number of changes in directors of social services.
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