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Care Inspectorate Wales

Lullabyz Nursery Ltd


  • Lullabyz Nursery Ltd, Riverside Court, Tregare Street
  • Newport
  • NP19 7AP
  • United Kingdom


  • 01633 264246
  • Service type:
    Full day care
  • Provider:
  • Date registered:
  • Local authority:
  • Responsible individual:
    Nicola Reed
  • Maximum number of places:

Conditions of registration

This service is required to meet conditions of registration under the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016. These include; name of service, address of service, name of Responsible Individual, maximum number of individuals the service can accommodate and any additional conditions. View the full list of this service's conditions of registration.

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Inspection Reports

Latest inspection report

- Lullabyz Nursery Ltd
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Previous inspection report

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