Regulations, statutory guidance and National Minimum Standards: Children’s services

Regulations, statutory guidance and National Minimum Standards for adoption, fostering services, children’s home and residential family centres.

These regulations outline what a care provider must do by law to provide a care service in Wales.

Changes to the law from April 2018

The Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016 (External link) came into force in April 2018.

Which services does this affect?

  • Care home services - including those who provide care home services for children or adults
  • Domiciliary support services - a service that can provide care in your own home as well as general support
  • Residential family centres
  • Secure accommodation services
  • Fostering services
  • Adoption services
  • Adult placement 
  • Advocacy services

If you are already registered with us

If you are already registered with us as one of the above services you will need to re-register. Information about re-registering is available here.

We will carry out the re-registration process in a phased approach. As long as you submit your application to us by your given date, you will continue to be registered and inspected under the Care Standards Act (External link) until we have processed and determined your application under the new law.

Adoption services, fostering services, advocacy services and adult placements services will not be required to register under the Act until April 2019. They remain regulated under the Care Standards Act, regulations and National Minimum Standards.

If you are not registered with us

If you are not registered and providing or planning to provide one of the services above you must register with us under the new law. More information is available on our registration pages.

Voluntary adoption agencies