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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Latest information on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Care and residential services

All social/community and residential services in Wales are advised to note the latest guidance about COVID-19 to reflect current developments:

If local authorities or Local Health Boards wish to provide a service that would otherwise need to be registered as a care home or domiciliary support service, they must notify us of their intentions in advance, using the Exempt services Notification form.


Childcare and play services

All childcare and play services in Wales are advised to note the latest guidance about COVID-19 to reflect current developments: 

Although the guidance is mainly directed at schools and education services, the same applies to all childcare and play services. All such services are asked to take note of this guidance and to regularly check the Public Health Wales website where any future updates will be published directly. From this website you can also access advice issued by the UK Government.


Social services and partner organisations

A collection of guidance to help social services and partner organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be regularly updating these resources.

If you have a confirmed case of coronavirus, you need to inform us. Please use our notification process for infectious diseases.


From 31 July, we moved into our recovery phase. It is difficult to be exact about how long this phase will last and we are keeping it under regular review.

This recovery approach is in the context of continued community transmission of COVID-19. Any action we take will be in line with Welsh Government and Public Health Wales guidance.

The recovery phase is underpinned by key principles which are detailed in our recovery statement.

  • Putting people first
  • Being risk based and responsive
  • Being intelligence led
  • Working collaboratively
  • Reflecting and learning

In our recovery phase, we will adapt the way we work in line with our principles. Our focus will be on the quality and safety of social care and childcare services. Our assurance is that where risks are identified, we will respond and we will actively listen and seek feedback from a wide range of sources about the quality of care and support people are receiving. We will use the recovery phase to test new ways of working and learn from these to inform how we will operate in the future.

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