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Review of healthcare support for older people living in care homes in North Wales

This was a joint review between ourselves and Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW).

Carried out by ourselves and HIW, this pilot project considered how well the healthcare needs of older people living in care homes in North Wales were met, and how the two inspectorates might work together on this issue.

This came about as a result of a review by the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, “A Place to Call Home?”


The report found some common issues across services which need to be addressed in order to provide seamless, good-quality care to people living in care homes.

These included being clear about roles and responsibilities between care homes and the health board; improved communication between care homes and the health board to enable ongoing feedback; and organisations working together in the best interests of the people they support.

Areas for improvement

The review identified areas for improvement for the health board to take forward, including:

  • Work with care homes to identify training to maintain care workers’ confidence and competence in managing residents’ routine health needs.
  • Develop an information pack setting out what is available to people living in care homes and how to access it, along with dedicated points of contact for information and feedback. 
  • Work proactively with the care home sector to identify concerns and issues around continence support and how these will be addressed.
  • Ensure that sufficient resources are available to meet the needs of people with dementia in care homes and that services are provided in a timely and consistent way across North Wales.

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