Changing the way we inspect

We are developing new inspection frameworks for all of the services we regulate and review.

We use frameworks to inspect the services we regulate and review.  We want people’s well-being to be at the heart of our inspections.

We also want to help people recognise the services which provide good care as well as support and ensure services understand the link between our inspection and the sources of evidence for ‘what good looks like’.

Making judgements

We would like our frameworks to include clear judgements for the public on the quality of the service and the outcomes for people receiving services. This approach is used by other inspectorates. Other inspectorates describe their judgements as ‘ratings’, ‘gradings’ or ‘rankings’.

Inspection framework pilot for services registered under the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016

During autumn 2018, we are running a pilot which we will test the new framework for those services currently registered under the 2016 Act. The pilot will only involve services who are registered under the 2016 Act and are scheduled for a full inspection during this period. 

We are also developing a new way of inspecting domiciliary support and advocacy services. We are working closely with providers, other inspectorates and regulators, and the public to help us develop these frameworks.