National review of children’s care homes

We are looking at how well children and young people are being supported in Wales.

Our review will be completed by 31 March 2019.  In addition we will also describe the children’s residential care market in Wales. The review is part of our strategic priorities set by our Chief Inspector.

In her Strategic Plan 2017-20, Chief Inspector Gillian Baranski set our four strategic priorities:

  1. To consistently deliver a high quality service
  2. To be highly skilled, capable and responsive
  3. To be an expert voice to influence and drive improvement
  4. To effectively implement legislation

As part of Priority 3, we will undertake a review of the quality of care in children’s care homes by 31 March 2019. 


Our aim is to:

  • look at how well children’s care homes promote children and young people’s well-being and help them to achieve good outcomes
  • describe the current market for children’s care homes in Wales
  • ensure that the voices of children and young people are represented
  • provide an understanding of the challenges facing the children’s care homes sector; and
  • that people and organisations we work with feel able to take ownership of the report in the spirit of collaboration.

What we will do

  • Hold stakeholder events during July 2018
  • Ask providers to complete a self-evaluation document during August 2018
  • For those services that we inspect during September 2018-2019 we will inspect against the standard regulatory framework as well as specific outcome-focused questions

We are also looking to set up a group where we will speak to children and young people to gather their ideas and feedback.